Monday, September 26, 2011

TotW: Tosta Mista

I don't even know how to describe this song from Hooded Fang ... "infectious", comes to mind.
They're last album, Album, was okay from what I heard. I remember checking it out when it was long listed for the Polaris Prize. It didn't grab me, but I didn't dislike it either. Not one to usually judge an album by it's cover, I wasn't taken by the band's new album, Tosta Mista, as I'm not really impressed by the whole Mexican wrestler/lucha libre thing.

And then I heard this lead single. While I don't think it grabbed me the first time, it had me hooked after the second or third go 'round. Regardless of the the cover art, this "surf rock" -esque shuffle, with it's background vocals, multiple lead singers, and high pitched, single string guitar grooves has been my earworm this week. It's noisy in all the right ways, it's layered perfectly, it's fun and there is just something about it. While the last two weeks here have featured 'summer' songs, there is something about this track that reminds me of the fall.

Tosta Mista (the album) isn't that long I've heard, but this Toronto band might have another Polaris Prize listed album on their hands if this single is any indication. Certainly a band to keep your ears on!

» Listen: Hooded Fang - Tosta Mista

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