Monday, September 19, 2011

TotW: Make a New Dance Up

I first heard this song on Radio3 last week ... and I haven't got it outta my head since! Much like last week's song, this is a super-poppy (in a good way) mid-summer party track that was released a few months too late. This would have been an awesome song-of-the-summer!

Everyone seems to want to compare it to the Miami Sound Machine sound, and I don't deny it, but it's also not a bad thing to be compared to when you're talking about a wicked summer song! It's bouncy and fun and I just love the singer's voice. It's so perfect for this song. The horns in the chorus just add to the groove; and I love these little breaks in the song where everything stops, just for a second.

You make me wanna dance, you make me wanna move, you make me wanna... you make me wanna make a new dance up!

This song builds to a wonderful climax, with this little spoken word part and the emphasized vocals in the repeating chorus right at the end. Everything is there, and it's got this really "alive" feeling to it; like you're right there on the beach at sundown with them, dancing and celebrating the summer.

» Listen: Hey Ocean! - Make a New Dance Up

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