Monday, September 12, 2011

TotW: The Hippopotamus

Grant Lawrence played this song Friday afternoon on Radio3 and I've been listening to it all weekend long. It's a great end-of-summer party song.

As with most ska/punk stuff, The Hippopotamus comes in as just over two minutes long. However, the band, The Planet Smashers, have been around for much longer having started out way back in 1994. Most famous for their song, Surfin' in Tofino, these guys have so much fun and energy in every song.

If you're familiar with the ska scene, then you know what to expect here: horns, a steady beat, upstroke guitars, fun lyrics, and, in this case, lyrics that are telling you how to do the latest dance craze, "the hippopotamus". So, have a listen and get ready to dance along!

This track is from their just-released album, Descent Into the Valley of... and it promises to be a blast.

» Listen: The Planet Smashers - The Hippopotamus

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