Monday, December 20, 2010


From what some might think to be an unlikely place, I have found what may be my favourite photo of the Mona Lisa... well, not exactly:

Dianna Agron, who most will know as Quinn on Glee, is not only an up-and-coming actress with more TV or film credits than I was aware of (including guest spots on Veronica Mars?!) but also a photographer who has a lot of talent (and a very nice collection of cameras too!).  She took this photo for the same reason(s) that I would have: "I’ve never seen so many people (hundreds) taking pictures of a painting. ... I had to take a picture (don’t worry, sans flash, to counter the damage hundreds all around me might be creating) of all the people taking pictures. If that makes sense!"

Her blog is usually filled with excellent, random photos from wherever she is, music videos or track lists that she's enjoying at the moment and/or the detalis of a charitable effort that she's leading. Lots of positive focus here which is so nice to see.

» Found at: But You Can Call Me Charlie blog

Sunday, December 12, 2010


I haven't played D&D in a long time, but I do remember the whole alignment piece as part of the role play aspect of the game. Characters would be either good, neutral or evil and, crossed with that, either lawful, neutral or chaotic.  On the surface, these definitions can seem quite confusing, so rather than try to explain them here, I'll just link to wikipedia instead.

However, even without fully understanding the finite complexities of all this, you'll probably still find the above chart funny if you're a fan of The Big Bang Theory (like me).  The images selected and the quotes highlighted are all very appropriate.

If you get a kick out of this thing, the author of this chart has done up a number of other charts for shows like Mad Men, The Wire, Deep Space Nine.  There are also, as I learned, a large number of these things floating around the web from previous memes and such.

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Thursday, December 9, 2010


Society6 is an organization that helps artists by producing, packaging and shipping their art out to buyers so they, the artists, can "focus on creating more art"  Something of a 'full service' eCommerce site for the arts community I guess.

Unfortunately, I don't remember where I found out about 37 Posters by Jerod Gibson, but he has a really great series of movie posters going which features an iconic silhouette of something (or someone) from the film, inside of which are a collection of memorable quotes.  Much like a word cloud, the more well-known the quote, the larger and more prominently placed it is on the poster.

Other than the one shown above, my favourites are probably: the Goonies and Ghostbusters.

» Found at: 37 Posters @ Society6

Thursday, December 2, 2010


The First Six Doctors
These are brilliant! And really, not just this piece, but the artist has a whole collection of incredible, simplistic takes on popular movies as either Penguin Book cover art or character representation.

On top of all that, I love his Flickr name: "Under the Name". I don't quite know why, but it's awesome. I think it maybe reminds me of a Bingo hall caller? ("Under the Name, "Eric" - an "E").

Any how, Doctor Who is fantastic – both the new and old series; yes, including the 11th doctor even who has quite grown on me – so I just had to select this piece as the one to share here. Enjoy!

» Flickr: “The First Six Doctors” – uploaded by Under The Name