Monday, December 20, 2010


From what some might think to be an unlikely place, I have found what may be my favourite photo of the Mona Lisa... well, not exactly:

Dianna Agron, who most will know as Quinn on Glee, is not only an up-and-coming actress with more TV or film credits than I was aware of (including guest spots on Veronica Mars?!) but also a photographer who has a lot of talent (and a very nice collection of cameras too!).  She took this photo for the same reason(s) that I would have: "I’ve never seen so many people (hundreds) taking pictures of a painting. ... I had to take a picture (don’t worry, sans flash, to counter the damage hundreds all around me might be creating) of all the people taking pictures. If that makes sense!"

Her blog is usually filled with excellent, random photos from wherever she is, music videos or track lists that she's enjoying at the moment and/or the detalis of a charitable effort that she's leading. Lots of positive focus here which is so nice to see.

» Found at: But You Can Call Me Charlie blog

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