Monday, July 25, 2011

CBC Radio3 Track of the Week

And ... I'm back.  After several months of silence, I'm hoping to get things up and running here again.  You see, between a busy time at work and at home, not to mention my office blocking Blogger for a few months in there, my access to post here was reduced quite a bit.  But, things have calmed down a bit everywhere, and I can post from work again (on breaks and/or lunches), so here's hoping.

One of the things that I've always wanted to do was run a sort of "track of the week" feature, but ideally without the need to upload semi-legal copies of songs to a server for people to then download and listen to because that's a pain in the butt for everyone. However, with over 120,000 tracks available for streaming on the CBC Radio3 site, I think I can probably find a few to highlight... and really, who doesn't need to listen to more Canadian Indie music?  Nobody, that's who.  It's awesome and it never gets enough attention or air play.

 So, to start off this new series, I have quite randomly selected Rah Rah's Towers from their recent ep, The Sailors. It's a tale of lost/ past/ young love, that has this infectious, slow drum beat that carries you along. The vocals are just perfect, longing... and then the whole band crashes into the song for the chorus. The song opens with this verse, so simple and yet powerful in it's imagery:
When we were younger, first romances
I held your hand back behind the fences of our old schoolyard
Where we tried so hard to fall in love
And it was easy 'cause we didn’t know what love was
I'm never very good at playing the "you'll enjoy this song/band if you like..." game, but go and have a listen if you're curious. This Regina, SK band has been around for a few years, but it sounds to me like they're really hitting their stride now.

» Listen: Rah Rah - Towers