Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Snakes. I started looking at this site because someone mentioned the Narcisse Snake Dens on the CBC Radio3 blog one day and the first (reliable) google result was ... from U-Haul. Specifically, this link on the SuperGraphics mini-site: #125 - Manitoba.

We've all seen a U-Haul truck on the road, and over the past few years, I assume we've all taken notice of the art on the side of each truck. It's state/province -specific and it's not just pretty... it's also informative! I mean, did you know that there was a famous series of snake pits in Manitoba?

What about a flaming ghost ship off the coast of Nova Scotia? The mysterious Loch Ness -like Champ monster living off-shore of Vermont? If you didn't know these things already, you could wait for the appropriate U-Haul truck to pull up next to you at a stop light... or you can learn all about these things on-line!

But, I'll warn you... if you start poking around this site, you can 'lose' a lot of time checking out everything that is here. Oh, and although I can't find him anywhere, apparently the company mascot, Sammy U, is hiding in each image... something else for you to keep an eye out for!

» Found at: U-Haul SuperGraphics

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