Monday, November 14, 2011

TotW: Let Go Lightly

I discover most of my 'new music' on CBC Radio3 while I'm working away. You know those rare tunes that just steal your attention away from whatever it is you're doing at that moment? This was one of those songs for me.

From Donovan Woods' second album, the song Let Go Lightly is a wonderful, spirited acoustic song that just rolls along at this perfect pace. It's driving, well written and sung with the slightest rasp that just really seals the deal for me. The harmonica in the intro is also that little 'something extra' that pulls you in; the hand claps towards the end of the song are subtle on the first listen, but you find yourself clapping along after a few repeat listens.

I'm certainly not too familiar with Donovan's work, but I hope to change that as this isn't the only song I've heard on Radio3 that has stopped me in my tracks. While listening to Grant Lawrence's show Friday afternoon, the song My Cousin Has A Grey Cup Ring, from Woods' first album, grabbed me as well. As this 4-star NOW Magazine review says, his sound is a little bit Dan Mangan, a little bit Ryan Adams... a damn fine combination if you ask me.

» Listen: Donovan Woods - Let Go Lightly

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