Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Wow, it doesn't get much better than this: Jonathan Coulton's masterpiece, the closing song Still Alive from Portal, the video game plus Canadian indie artist, Sara Quinn, of Tegan & Sara.

Just in case this video isn't enough, the link below takes you to a post Jonathan made recently which features links to other new videos from his latest album, Artificial Heart. Oh, and did I mention that this version includes an intro done on a theremin?

» Found at: Jonathan Coulton's website


  1. Have you listened to the rest of the tracks yet? I'm a sucker for the marimba on "Je Suis Rick Springfield", and the pulse of "Good Morning Tuscon". But the track I can't get over is the genius of "Nemeses".

  2. @Matthew - no, sadly I haven't heard anything else from the album. I don't even remember how it was I stumbled on this video, but I did. That said, however, I am a fan of Coulton's work and will have to check it out. Glad to hear that it's another solid album! Thanks for the recommendations!