Monday, November 28, 2011

TotW: Blackwater

I'm going through something of a 'rap' phase at the moment... I think it was my discovery that Donald Glover, from Community, raps under the name Childish Gambino. His first album, Cul-de-sac (free for download), is quite amazing; his just released album, Camp, is also blowing my mind.

But, since I'm trying to keep this TotW feature Canadian indie -focused, I tried to think of some Canadian rap/hip-hop that I've also enjoyed.  Enter K-OS.

His most recent effort is another free for download 'mixtape' entitled The Anchorman Mixtape (note: download from the SKoA link at the end of the review, not the K-OS link; it seems to be hacked/broken).  I haven't listened to the whole album, nor have I seen the movie on which this tape is named in honour of, but apparently there are snippets of the movie included throughout the tape.

The song itself it pretty catchy.  It's pretty drum 'n bass heavy, which shouldn't surprise too much seeing as Death From Above 1979's Sebastian Granger helps out on the track. The language is clean, unlike the afore-linked Childish Gambino album! There are lots of vocal tricks and effects on the layered vocals which gives the song a great texture. I certainly don't know enough about rap to compare K-OS' "flow" to other performers... but I like it.

» Listen: K-OS - Blackwater (f- S. Granger)

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