Monday, February 27, 2012

TotW: Way Home

The Track of the Week feature is back! After a quiet month here, as a result of a total re-design on the Radio3 side of things, I think the new CBC Music site is stable enough to start linking to again.

You might have previously heard this week's artist as a part of her family band, The Rankin Family. However, Molly Rankin is now out on her own with a debut EP (released back in 2010 apparently!) available for purchase... and it sounds fantastic.

This is a great little solo number, with a wonderfully playful, rolling feel to it. There are some handclaps, a little bit of do- do- do- do- style singing in the bridge; and Molly's voice is just perfect for this style. There is something so inviting and honest about it.

"Way Home" isn't an overly-complex song, lyrically, but it shouldn't be. It's a short song about a lost or unrequited love; coming in at under three minutes, it just feels right as it is.

» Listen: Way Home - Molly Rankin

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