Monday, August 1, 2011

TotW: Generation Handclap

Here is another example of a band that has been around for awhile that, for whatever reason, I just never connected with previously.  And then, I did... and have been listening to them non-stop ever since that 'connection' moment.

Library Voices are another Regina, SK. -based band who I'm loving this summer. Unlike the slower pace of last week's song, this song, Generation Handclap, is a full-on party in your ears. Up-beat drumline, catchy guitar riffs throughout, group vocals in the chorus and of course, handclaps!  It's four minutes of fun.

The band's new album, Summer of Lust (which includes this song), will be released on August 23rd, but if you're new to the band, don't miss out on last year's excellent Denim on Denim album (currently available on iTunes and in stores).

» Listen: Library Voices - Generation Handclap

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