Thursday, November 11, 2010


Six Flags New Orleans 228

These are some really impressive images from a photographer named *brynne. She (and a friend) went through the abandoned Six Flags park in New Orleans last year, four years after Hurricane Katrina passed through the region. 80% of the park was demolished; only one ride was considered salvageable.

I was impressed to see that she has a number of other sets like this -- abandoned buildings -- as well, until I read her profile, which says, in part:
If I controlled the world, it would be cloudy every day at 67 degrees and I would be allowed in every abandoned building on the planet. I'm an aspiring stormchaser, urban explorer and future horror fiction novelist. I love to read, learn about new things and I am very well known as a trance music fanatic.
The post-processing on the images is quite good; be sure to check-out the silhouetted images of the park at the end of this set as well.  [Found via]

» Flickr: “Six Flags New Orleans 228” – uploaded by *brynne

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