Monday, June 4, 2012

TotW: Youth Without Youth

It's true that Metric's albums seem to burn fast and bright for me, but while they do... what a sight. That said, I've loved every little sound bite that has come from their forthcoming album, Synthetica (out June 12), and I've been really enjoying their previous album, Fantasies over the last week, so maybe they're just more of a seasonal band for me?

Whatever the case, this new, heavy -rockin' track, Youth Without Youth isn't so much an evolution as it is a union of the band's earlier, almost punk, sound with the electro -heavy beat of their most recent album. Although it comes in at just under four minutes in length, it's driving drum beat never lets up, so it feels more like a two-minute attack. Emily's vocals are up front in the mix, which is just perfect here.

The band is promoting some sort of "internet hide & seek" game right now in anticipation of the album and there have been tons of audio snippets released over the last month or two. They've made the cover of Exclaim! magazine this month, and the article that goes with that coveted spot discusses a lot of the 'making of' kinda details for this new album.

It sounds like another strong release from this band. We'll find out for sure next week... but until then, give this track a listen (if you haven't already).

» Listen: Metric - Youth Without Youth

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