Monday, March 5, 2012

TotW: What Have I Done

I'm a little surprised that it's taken someone this long to call their band Portage & Main, after the (unoffically) coldest street intersection in Canada, but I'm glad these guys did. Not only is it a great band name, but these guys are putting out some really great stuff.

From Vancouver, this band has put together a really full, classic, rock sound on this track, What Have I Done. Combined with clean instrumentation and wonderful backing vocals, little guitar riffs between verses and choruses, this sound is so timeless... yet so hard to get right. It's certainly a song that stands on it's own as an original, but it carries that feeling that you've heard it somewhere before as well; that familiar, welcome feeling.

On the band's website, their bio says, in part, this:
So sit by the light of Portage & Main’s fire and listen to alluring tales of the human experience as your weary travelers traverse the peaks of the misty mountains and wade through the depths of the rivers below.
At first blush, this sounds like it says a whole lot of nothing... but then once you've heard a few songs by these guys, it somehow seems to make more and more sense. If nothing else, it's a very apt description of their sound and vision.

The band is on tour now, but you can also catch them doing a Green Couch Session on the web anytime.

» Listen: Portage & Main - What Have I Done

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