Monday, October 17, 2011

TotW: Plath Heart

I was looking back over the previous 'track of the week' songs that I've featured and realized that I haven't really highlighted anything in the (broad) electronic genre. Now, I'm not really a huge fan of this sorta thing, but good music is good music and Braids - a Guelph, ON -based, Polaris short listed, foursome - have really got something special going on here.

The band's first full album, Native Speaker, wasn't a hit with me the first time I'd heard it -- it sounded a bit too electronic, atmospheric for me -- but as you listen, it's layers pull you in and warm you up. The lead singer's vocals are haunting and beautiful, both a part of the music and at the front of the mix. Her ability to go from quiet to loud, soft to powerful is impressive and a big draw to their music.

The loops that form the foundation of the band's music are well constructed; I think the mixing of this album really helps take it from just another electronic release, to a really impressive benchmark. The different sounds and textures seem to come and go, build and fade, so perfectly... all within a four or five minute track.

CBC Radio3 -- host Vish Khanna, in particular -- has been a big fan of these guys since they entered the scene. If you like what you hear on this track, be sure to check out some of the other stuff that the station has done with the band:
As I said off the top, the world of electronic music is vast, so if it's not usually your thing, take a listen to this track any ways. It's great stuff and I expect we'll hear more great stuff from them in the future.

» Listen: Braids - Plath Heart

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