Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Nothing like a silly bet with a friend to get a website going, eh? It seems that Norwegian Ola was bet by his friend Jorgen that he couldn't collect one million giraffes; seems Jorgen was wrong. Ola did collect them (and seems to still be collecting them) on-line.

Unlike the (original) Million Dollar Homepage, which also started out as something of a word-of-mouth internet phenomenom, this project was done for fun, not financial gain. That said, considering that the MDH was created back in 2005 -- before the days of Facebook, Twitter and the like -- it's still quite the accomplishment.

Any how, I just thought this was a fun, bright, playful site to feature here. An example of positive crowd-sourcing at it's best. So, if you like giraffes, go check it out!

» Found at: One Million Giraffes

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