Friday, September 10, 2010


I'd heard something about this previously, but recently someone linked to a review in The Toronto Star about the newest coffee shop in the Toronto Annex area: Snakes & Lattes.  To quote the article, since I probably couldn't explain this better myself:
Castanie and Peynet moved to Toronto from France four years ago. The idea for the cafe came to them when they were browsing a game shop in Chicago. For the last two years, they have scoured the Internet, Value Village and toy stores to create a collection of 1,500 games, including obscure classics like Fireball Island, and other delights like Mall Madness and Settlers of Catan. For $5, customers have unlimited access to the collection and Castanie’s expertise.
 $5 for access to 1500+ board games? That's pretty awesome in my books. Frankly, I think this is a really excellent idea for a coffee shop. I'm not one much of a 'coffee shop patron', but I'd visit just to see that wall of board games (see photo, above) in person!

What other creative coffee shops are out there that I haven't heard about?  I have previously heard of the Indie Coffee Passport for the Toronto area; anything else?

» Found at: Snakes & Lattes (official website)

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