Monday, April 26, 2010


This isn't going to be so much of a 'writing' blog as it will be a 'collecting' blog. I'm hoping to get some sort of "auto-post" widget for Firefox so that I can just dump stuff here for reference, later review, fun 'n such. There won't be any real order ... it will be the chaos of the web, thrown here, as it comes.

I will do my best to link/credit whatever I do 'collect' here in case you want to see more of it, or just see where I grabbed it from. Ideally, this seems like something I should be doing with Tumblr or Dropular or Zootool, but one is blocked at work, one is still in private beta and one has a sketchy sounding ToS written in German only. I work with what I can.

Feel free to comment on whatever you see here, but please don't be offended if I don't write back (or at least not in a timely manner). I have no idea how often I'll be checking in or reading comments.

Hope you enjoy this -- hope I do as well.

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